Energy Psychology methods are just too good to keep quiet

No known side effects…and it’s safe!!!

Energy Psychology Ireland, a group of professional practitioners in Ireland who use Energy Psychology techniques with remarkable success in healing.

Energy Psychology works by bringing about desired changes in emotions, thought, and behavior. There are currently no known side effects to energy-oriented treatments when properly administered by an experienced practitioner.

In an effort to strengthen energy psychology worldwide, Energy Psychology Ireland is excited to be an international region of ACEP

What is Energy Psychology?
Energy Psychology is a family of mind/body therapies and self help techniques, using cutting edge developments in the fields of psychology, acupuncture, kinesiology and integrative medicine. Methods include working with the human energy system providing relief from mind-body distress, using meridians, acupoints, chakras and the biofield. This often involves eye movements, focusing in to sensations in the body, tapping, or holding particular points on your own body. 

Energy Psychology is also an umbrella term for numerous specific formulations such as;

and more than two dozen others.

How does it work?
Energy Psychology techniques centre on accessing and changing the energy in the meridians, acupressure points, chakras and biofield systems.  These revolutionary and user-friendly techniques are used to shift states of bodily experience. Energy Psychology clears emotional disturbances in the energy body and its systems by focusing in on a problem i.e. a negative emotion, a traumatic incident, a bad feeling, or limiting belief, which is normally triggered when some one says something, or you recall a memory, that has caused emotional upset.
When recalling an upsetting incident, which triggers in you, an emotional response, it causes a disturbance in your mind / body system and creates neurological changes.

Example: the thought that “I am not good enough” (often causes an emotional response) Energy Psychology techniques allow you to change the way you respond by removing the energy pattern of the disturbance from your system. The words and memories that caused the response no longer resonate; they are just words and something that happened!

How can it help me?
The following results have been reported by clients, that presenting symptoms were significantly reduced by Energy Psychology after an average of 77.5 minutes of treatment:

  • Improved health
  • Clearing of allergies
  • Elimination of phobias and fears
  • Less stressed
  • Melting away of performance anxiety
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased sports performance
  • Removal of obstacles to personal excellence
  • Release of emotional blocks
  • Increased feelings of relaxation
  • Enhanced feelings of personal empowerment and safety
  • Release of limiting beliefs
  • Improved relationships
  • Easing intense emotional stress
  • Clearer and quieter mind
  • Relief of pain both emotionally and physically

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These gentle techniques are safe to use with;

  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • peak performance,
  • fears,
  • panic attacks,
  • public Speaking,
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
  • chronic physical illness
  • high-risk pregnancy.
  • addictions and compulsive behaviour

It is gentle enough to support clients and families facing end of life challenges, and much more.

Successful therapy can transform your life. It can free you to be yourself more fully in the world. It can change every aspect of your life. Your career path, your relationship choices, and even the core beliefs you have held about yourself and the world. You will want to find a therapist who is skilled in helping people make significant and meaningful life changes.

Energy Psychotherapy can be a path for greater appreciation of your untapped potential for healing and change.

Seek a practitioner who will celebrate your gains and honor the steps you take toward self-empowerment.

Many Energy Psychotherapies can also be used as self-help tools. However, if you intend to do deep work on yourself, or have complex or serious problems, choose a practitioner trained in Energy Psychotherapies to assist and guide you.

To help you with this process we have posted a list of Energy Psychology practitioners, specialising in innovative, effective and ethical self help techniques, with their locations and qualifications.

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The field of Energy Psychology is new and still evolving. Exciting and promising new techniques emerge every year. Many of these are highlighted at the tri-annual International conferences for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

ACEP Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology  

These techniques are so empowering that an international non profit organisation, Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology  has been set up to promote responsible Energy Psychology treatments and collaboration among practitioners, researchers and licensing bodies.   

In an effort to strengthen energy psychology worldwide, Energy Psychology Ireland is excited to be an international region of ACEP.

Regional co-ordinator, Sarah Bird. 0872193343 or via E-mail:sarah @

Consumer Advice/Guidelines

Energy Psychology Practitioners
As promising as the Energy Psychotherapies are, it is wise to be open but cautious about claims some practitioners may make about their effectiveness and abilities. At this moment, Energy Psychology appears to represent a significant advancement in the search for effective therapy, and initial research findings are supportive of these claims. But it will likely take some years before scientific validation has being achieved. Preliminary clinical studies and reports support the efficacy of Energy Psychology. Ongoing research is been carried out to further validate these innovative techniques.

Practitioners listed here have varying skills and specialties’ and no endorsement is either expressed or implied as to the competence of those listed with respect to the quality of their professional work.  The certificate attests to the fact that they have studied the energy psychology techniques in an ethical and responsible manner.  Should you wish to select a suitable practitioner from the following list, click here.

 Any form of energy therapy does not replace conventional therapy or health care from medical professionals.